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Welcome to Island Athletics. Our mission is to serve our community by providing Victoria, B.C. with premium functional fitness. We help individuals reach their fitness goals through constantly varied exercise and we follow a plan that utilizes a highly intense workout structure.

Training like an athlete can be scaled for any individual and is easily modifiable when movements become difficult.

“Rule #1: Believe in yourself”































Transform Your Body

Island Athletics utilizes natural movements that are reoccurring through time. Such as; sitting, standing, picking things up, putting things down, throwing, catching, and various other multi-joint movements. Your body will transform and shape to the best athletic version of itself through these natural exercises. Lastly, the constant variance in exercise will shock the body enough to continually allow our bodies to improve.

Transform Your Mind

Our training methodology is quite challenging, however, each client pushes to their natural limitations. Any excessive motivation from your coach can become dangerous; though some encouragement is necessary to increase workout intensities. By continuously training at high intensities your ability to control your breathing will help you control your heart rate during stressful times.

Transform Your Life

Training like an athlete is an exciting commitment and a considerable transformation to your current lifestyle. You will be challenged to eat whole foods while limiting processed food intake. We believe weighing and measuring food is a part of “fad dieting,” thus, we believe a clean diet coupled with our training methodology will help ensure a complete transformation to your lifestyle.

Safety, technique, fundamentals and efficiency in movement are all top priorities for Island Athletics’ clientele. We believe that following these guidelines will fast track you to the body you’ve dreamed about along with superb fitness.

A great place to train. Jag has the experience to motivate you as you grind through his workouts while also providing professional knowledge on form and technique. A great gym for improving both your fitness and work ethic.


At Island Athletics I accomplished a fitness level I didn’t think possible!! The training has given me a lot more strength and flexibility-looking forward to the third year of workouts at Island Athletics!!


Jag is personable, knowledgeable and reliable – everything you need in a personal trainer. I came to Island Athletics not only because I like the one-on-one experience, I wanted someone who I could trust to teach me right, not just tell me to “do as many reps as you can.”